Why 'Endless cups of tea' and who is Anna? And what's with this question mark shape?

1. Why 'Endless Cups of Tea'? The name came about as a result of both a professional and a personal story. For the past 4.5 years I've been regularly working with an e-shop that sells Chinese teas. Needless to say, I've been brewing an enormous amount of teas while shooting over 50 kinds of tea the shop offers. I photograph new products for that client on a regular basis, and it's one of my favourite projects, as often it's an exciting challenge to find a way to present such a complicated and capricious product as tea.

The personal part is another story which I will possibly tell sometime in the future.

2. Who is Anna? Anna is a London-based photographer who is pictured on this page and is for some reason writing this sentence in the third person. 

I started working as a photographer in St.-Petersburg, Russia in 2007. I've earned my skills first being an apprentice in one of the studios, then trying myself out in other photography fields and taking classes lead by experienced colleagues in the industry. Currently I'm focused primarily on object photography, portraits and a certain range of events.

I speak Russian, English and Polish fluently and I can understand a bit of German. These skills help me reach out to more clients and feel at home in different language environments. I own a set of professional studio equipment and props which I take on locations if needed. 

Apart from photography, I have a wide range of professional interests, which include clinical psychology (that's what my diploma is about!), software testing, languages and coffee brewing science. I'm a passionate advocate of multi-instrumentalism in professional life, as I firmly believe that the present times call for more neuroplasticity and multi-skill than ever before.

3. Now, for the question mark. It's part of a very unique font that you won't find in the 'usual' set in MS Office, and this font deserves to have a blog post about it.


St.-Petersburg State University, faculty of psychology, graduate diploma (2006-2012)

Igor Sakharov's course on object photography (2009)

Rodchenko photography school, Moscow (2020-)

Notable clients (references can be provided on demand)

English Heritage: I worked with the museum collection facility in 2019.

E-commerce project with an online shop: ongoing project with www.tea-place.ru