"Зачарованные Эдвардианцы": мероприятие по исторической реконструкции в Швейцарии

I had the privilege to document this outstanding time-travelling gathering which took place in the magnificent Swiss Alps.  The Giessbach hotel is a living history in itself: its interiors have been carefully looked after and kept beautifully preserved for over a century. It is truly incredible to be a part of such an event, and to get a glimpse of what life possibly looked like over a century ago. 


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Разные съемки для исторических реконструкторов и костюмологов

I'm in awe of the enormous amount of patience the historical reenactors have: they recreate the looks and manners with such precision, paying attention to the smallest detail and fearlessly diving into history, travelling through decades and centuries. I love collaborating with these talented people and am happy to take on a challenge of portraying the past meet with the present.


Концертная съемка

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